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SCORED SOME FANTASTIC... kits this past Wednesday. SCORED GOOD. PIX and thanks for looking.

I seriously hope posting these aren't in poor taste for our host.... IF IT IS DAWN AND MATT FEEL FREE TO DELETE THIS POST

Friend of mine called me Tuesday and said he score a 450 kit collection and it had some stuff I'd be interested in, told him I'll see him Wednesday morning. Got there about 1030am (hour drive). Looking at the stuff several things were standing tall for me to check them. I'm not going to mention prices but let's say these were walking around money purchases.

Soon as I got home I couldn't help myself I had to see if they came apart, and to my surprise a few twist of the knife off it came. I didn't want to chance the window on the 69 Torino so I'll leave it in until after stripping sometimes that process makes the glue more brittle.

Saw this sitting on the counter and gave it the pay-no-mind I've got plenty of Vette's.... Well as I'm starting to stack my stuff on the counter I had to move it. WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as I finger tipped it at the roof I realized it opened up to my surprise I realized it was a funny car. My friends saz "Oh I have the box in the other room". After I saw the box I quickly put that in my stack. Let's just say it was less than "Walking around money"

My dad's first Caddy was a 64 so I had to have.... It was minus a motor, let's just say I could have bought two PAY-DAY candy bars.

This little grouping first started with the Pro Stock (you know I like collecting them), The other two I knew BOOMER was looking for these when I went to NNL NORTH. Well these were sitting right in front of me. Let's say I got these for half a tank of gas in my Caddy SRX. Which I'm so happy for because you guys that know BOOMER he has short arms and long pockets................... JUST KIDDING BOOM But I do know where you live.

This was the SCORE OF THE DAY FOR ME. Still sealed. A couple of packs of T-Shirts will cover this.

I started stripping the Buick and so far a nice clean white body.

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