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I have a can on the way and plan on hitting some spoons with them -

I think the 'toned down' nature of the chrome-like finish is a win.

A recent rack with a plater came back very nice, much better than the last load, but there are some parts where the vacuum plating process is just too much, or fills in detail. I only sent parts I was fairly sure would not be 'wasted' in the process, and 99% came back great.

FWIW, the human eye's perception of color and reflections will vary depending on the size of the object and the light source. Chrome does not have a color, per se, but is a reflective surface that picks up light from its surroundings. When it is too bright, the reflections all become a blob, and it is very hard to see the engraving, detail, etc.

Short story: I would probably stick with the traditional platers as long as they can hang on for the larger surfaces, like bumpers, etc. I will be looking at results for the AK / Revell / etc for other parts, particularly finely engraved wheels like the Shelby 'starburst' or Buick Riviera styled steel from the '66 promos.

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