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Yes!! That is when they changed over to the Mercury style roof. If that were kitted I would then like to see a resin conversion kit to the 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis 4 door. That is the last car my dad had before he passed away. The grille, taillights and interior would

seem to be the only mods except maybe the air cleaner and and decals. Well, and wheels/hubcaps...

Hmmm, maybe not as straightforward as I first thought, but the body, chassis, engine, etc. would be close if not exact and the updated to '98+ Crown Vic to police, fire, taxi, and civilian or combinations version kits would probably sell well, which I hope would encourage some caster to do the Mercury.

1998-2000 Ford Crown Vic 4door sedan police

2001 Ford Crown Vic 4door sedan civilian

1999 Mercury Grand Marquis

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