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Doe's anyone know why Revell didn't offer any of the Brougham, CVT, or Escalade in stock form....

I was talking to the Owner of the LHS and he said the Brougham blows off the shelf when he gets them. I bought one for something a little different, thinking it would at least have the stock trim decals in it, but nope, just the lowrider graphics . I'm not complaining, I knew it couldn't be built stock, but curious that none of the 3 Caddy kits can be built as Showroom new. I think they kind of missed the boat, but maybe that's just me?!

I thought the Brougham was an 85, the box doesn't really say, but the box side panel and instruction sheet allude to 1984. It also mentions the headlights being of a later vintage.

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