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WHAT'S IN THE BOX..... PIX and thanks for looking

I was working on this today at our club meeting today just looking at the parts and removing them from the sprue. I never built this and I don't remember the hardtop having the seatbelts molded into the seats and though done nicely and I don't like it. I'd rather do the PE thing before painting them. Nice wheels but I would have rathered a clean set of steel wheels and poverty caps.... I've got some so no biggie. I bagged up the trailer and one of the members asked if I was going to use so I told him just take it I'm not using it. Beautiful redlines. The body has some nice locating pins on the chassis, interior tube. Nice touch for locating perfect.
Every is molded very nice and it has really nice plastic not that milk carton stuff Round2 was using not that long ago.
Wish an uptop would have been included.

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