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Attended a model contest photos.....but a Question....

I went as it was put on by the closest model club to me. It was a small show....around 200 entries spread over a IPMS style classes. I went as vendor but also took 2 models to enter. I have not entered a contest (NNL's yes) since the Hot Rod magazine nationals in Indy 1990. (3rd in road race)
At this show they did a number of trophies, best of Sci-Fi, best of Armor etc. Then each sub class had 3 winners. I was in Open Wheel with my Shadow DN-3 F1 racer. The difference was there was no First, Second or Third.....just kinda like podium top three.
I got two medals, one each for the models I entered so all good. But anyone else have this type 'Top 3' rather than 1st, 2nd, 3rd???

Medals were all the same.and I knida like them as trophies end up in boxes. I'll put the medal in the display case with each car. Thoughts??? Thanks

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