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Working on some Resin Engines (PICS)

First one is a 572 big block that in real life has about 620 horsepower. I'm painting it the way it comes from Chevy. This one is from Texas 3D and the parts came separated from the printing process. Sweet.

Next up is the 632-monster engine with real life 1,000 horsepower. This one is an Iceman production piece. I had to separate the pieces from the printed mat.

I noticed with this one the intake sets extremely high. Will need some type of hood scoop for this one.

Finally, both of them together. Obviously, I am still building them, just thought you would like an in-progress pic.

Both engines are extremelly nice in printed details. The 632 comes with a standard water pump while the 572 has an electric one. I have a twin turbo 572 and an injected 572 from Icemans that I still need to build. Not sure where they are going yet although I am thinking about a 58 Impala that could use the 632.

Thanks for looking all comments welcomed.

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