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I clicked on the link and saw a lot of albums come up. I scrolled down and thought if was a lot, but vaguely remembered you had even more and when I got to the bottom, sure enough, there was a link to see the next 100, which I did and then continued on down to the final
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group, realizing they were in alphabetical order of the album names. I noticed one called Stahl's Museum 2019 and wondered what kind of cars it had so I opened it. I noticed a '55 Olds converitble on the first page and opened those pics (113-119) and saw some very nice pics including a data sign and several close detail shots. Although it is a convertible the pics would apply to the '55 88 Holiday coupe like my mother's first car and I wonder if you could post them here and allow them to be copied as reference pics? Or maybe email copies to me? I would certainly appreciate it.

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