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Dave,thanks the one I'm doing is # 5001,the white 1964 Sebring #4 car so install the drivers side carbys thru the engine bay,also I note that your build doesn't have the fuel line added tho' the linkage is,also does the tierod fit o/k with the headers glued together. as

I remember something about this being an issue...........I've built a few models over the past 60 years and I'm only building for me, not to enter a competition but try to get things mentioned the hood photo etched vents, I actually didn't find them as much of a problem that I expected, they even took the white paint without an I'd love to see any more pics you may have......I have had this kit in my stash since it came out & I imported them direct from AM for my shop, Scale Automobilia.....I've also got AM's kit # 240001 the 1963 blue Mecom Team actually has a much better plated chrome tree than the original black box kit # 5001(white box art car # 4).....anyway more pics would be you can send them to my email, [email protected] ........thanks, Andy Douglas

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