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Neat story. Other knowledgeable ones can chime in on the colors and references sources, but I would start with...

I would start with the brochure and manual sites (TOCMP, Dezo's Garage, etc), then search on restorations. Pelican Parts is a Porsche parts supplier with a large forum (sidebar: check the couple-hundred page thread dedicated to Mulholland Drive "racing" in the 60s and 70s--basically an oral history from those who lived it) where you can search on parts colors or restoration threads. I'm sure there are also restoration shops. Also keep in mind that 911s evolved, so older or newer year reference material should work for this project, or even references on other 80s Porsches.

As far as starting fresh vs. restoration, that's tough (will she be disappointed if she doesn't get "her" 911 back). I'd say re-evaluate once you've stripped the paint and cleaned up the parts, and as with 1:1 sentimental restorations, use what you can of the original and replace what's too far gone.

Keep us posted!

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