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JUST ANOTHER NOVA...... BUT! with some new spanking decals from SMP Decals. I started this a couple of weeks ago along with several other projects coming soon since the weather has caught up with me. Only can paint sparingly. PIX and thanks for looking.

Couple of things going on here. I have to dig out the wipers since the picture I have of the car has them. Doesn't make sense to me but I only can do what I see. Not sure if I want to add the outside mirror since I can't see it in the picture. The picture show it ran FI so I pirated the one out of the Revell 58 Corvette (I liked the one out of the Black Widow better but I already stole that one from my kit) and I had to put the stock exhaust manifolds on it (didn't want to fight looking for headers or trying to make something fit). Few other things not worth mentioning.

Thanks for looking

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