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Well I had a 1:1 scale version for 8yrs, couple of tips , the area behind the kit grille bars should be body colour, the bars clip onto a painted sheetmetal panel, also reduce the headlights by about 1/3rd in thickness as they are too thick,the seam on the top of the front

fender is correct as its the actual fender seam, get rid of the full length metal front axle by cutting it down to 3/8th length & install with super glue into each sides spindle, a couple of 1/8th square strips from the chassis to underneath the running boards helps to improve that area,there should be a sheetmetal panel that extends from that small triangular piece in front of the radiator back to the top tank of the can't normally see down in front of the radiator at all......and install a couple of small seats as the bases and another seat back against the interior rear wall and you now have an "A.S.C." or an Auxillary Seat Coupe..........a feature that only the 1940 and 1941 Plymouth Coupes offered with this body style.......from 1942 the Business Coupe continued till 1948 with this 1941 body shell but a longer roofed Club Coupe appeared in 1942 with a full size fixed rear seat............regards, andyd

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