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Hey everybody. I just got off the phone with Okey Spaulding and we talked about the Powell truck. He just got the go ahead for production. ..................

There will be 3 versions, with the the first version starting to be cast in about 3 weeks.

The first version will be just the body and its components. He has heard that a lot of people want to hot rod it.

The second version will be the body and its components and the interior, so people can still hot rod it, but a little easier. The 1941 Plymouth can provided the chassis and engine. He said that's what Powell used under their truck for the chassis and the engine.

The third version will be a curbside plus. It will be like a curbside kit, but, it will have an opening hood and an engine dummy that can be removed / left off so you can put your own engine in it.

Okey said to PM him to tell him that you want a Powell truck.

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