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Hmmm...went to the new So-Cal Speed Shop store in WACO, TEXAS this weekend! They have a couple of Rat Fink shirts to sell, amongst the Moon, Clay Smith Cams, So-Cal, and Gulf Racing stuff in stock.

Might've been three RF shirts, come to think of it. I don't have a store inventory burned into my memory, but they have at least two.
Old one-story building in downtown. One block south of the Dr Pepper Museum, if I remember correctly (was following a fellow North Texas Mustang Club member out of there. If I drove myself, I would've paid better attention to the signs.
Oh, and So-Cal's actual hot rod building/shop is at another location..."undisclosed" at it were.
And for fans of Joanna Gaines and her husband (just forgot his name...), the So-Cal Speed Shop is NORTHWEST of the 'Magnolia' compound (forgot what they called it...). Could see it a a few blocks away through a side door.

Couple of cars on display. A rat rod of some sort, and a Fiat Topolino street rod...with a '32 Ford grill shell on it (SBC up front). The grass parking lot out bach "hosts" a stripped '51 Merc 4-door and a '62 Imperial. Chopped Model A sedan on a stripped stock frame out "front".

Oh, and I bought a So-Cal Speen shop coffee mug and a Clay Smith Cams SPEED BOAT t-shirt So, what's with the "surf" theme in some of the merchanidse (miniature Mooneyes SURFBOARD signs?)?

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