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Good evening guys, here is my latest completion - '64 Cutlass ragtop.

This is another build for my friend Doane. AMT's '64 Cutlass convertible kit done in white with a red gut. I decided to go all stock since there aren't many of them out there that haven't been modified. I have another kit I will build for myself that will be almost all black but that will have to wait until I get a few more projects finished. This one was done in Tamiya Pure White with a few various shades of red inside. It built up nicely and looks decent but I didn't notice the hood was warped until the very end. I'll have to check my other kits to make sure their hoods are ok. If not I'll have to try to flatten them out before painting. Also, the side chrome trim is so narrow it's impossible to trim any Bare Metal foil after applying it so I tried laying down masking tape and using a chrome pen with limited success. Anyway, here are some pics of the finished car. Hope you like it and comments are always welcome. Thanks for looking and enjoy your evening!
Bob Kremer

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