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I don't know if this is the reason, but one thing about it is that it's a very simple body. Remember how the earlier Trumpeter kits (like the '64/'65 Falcons) had weird-looking bodies? That was because ...

That was because they were designed "in the computer" by people who didn't have the skills to get subtle details of car-body shapes right, and it takes a lot of skill (and good reference material) to do something that people won't complain about.

The Powell, on the other hand, already has a body with almost no compound curves and very simple shapes so it will look fine if done at that level of skill. So it's a pretty good choice for a first kit to design, if one is learning as one goes and doesn't have 3D scans or other good starting points.

Also once Frank gets his hands on one and puts slicks and a Hemi in it, it will look really good as a gasser!

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