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I have been using Tru-Color paints for some time

I have not yet tried them on car bodies, but I have been using them on other parts of the model, also and in my model RR hobby.

Tru-Color paints originalyl started as model paints geared towards model railroaders, but probably due to the demise of other brands of hobby paints they have greatly expanded there range of colors.

Tru-Color paints to me are almost identical to Accu-Paints which were also geared towards model railroaders, but have been gone for a long time. These paints (I also was told that those paints are actually inks) are acetone based, but styrene compatible. They are quite thin consistency out of the bottle, but I like to thin them a bit more (using their branded paint thinner) for airbrushing. Most dry to a semigloss or satin finish - perfect for applying decals. Do not use pure acetone to thin them - it evaporates too fast. Tru-Color thinner has additional ingredients to retard drying.

IMO, they are a bit too thin out of the bottle for brush painting, but brush should work for touch-ups.

If you, like me, like the old fashion (stinky) hobby paints, not the more recent water-based paints, I recommend giving Tru-Color a try.


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