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Brookwood was a separate tool from the Elco, both were in production at the same time.

'60 Brookwood does share a chassis and some chrome with the same-year El Camino, but not the '59 Trophy.

I think both would have a good reception in the market, if they were still in the crypt. But, the real question is what survived the Tom Gannon scrap drives, and the multiple ownership changes from Troy, to Baltimore, to Iowa... and where everything is now.

A parallel question is what will tickle the fancy of the major hobby distributors. The new tools for Charger, Bronco, etc. are the real make and break of R2, IMO, we know they can do the Sci-Fi, can they step up and do a new car/truck that is a home run like a Moby Truck or the Revell Model As? They have not released a new tool since the blowup in the 90s under the RC administration. There's an awful lot riding on the commercial reception for the new kits, as well as a ton of licensing dollars -the new investors will want payback.

We are at or getting to the point where we've seen most of what is coming back already. Few kits with commercial 'pull' are on the shelf, ready to clean up and shoot, as evidenced by the level of work required for the Nova/Cutlass re-releases (which are great in their own right.)

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