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Does anyone make a 94 thru 04 Dodge Ram in 1/24th or 1/25th? *PIC*

This is my brother's 04 Dodge Ram 1500, quad cab, base model but it has a hemi. I bought it off of his estate and would like to build a replica. He took great care of it, the interior is near perfect and all I have to repair on the body is the rear fender arches (typical) and some dings in the bed and tailgate, plus one bent spot next to the front grille where he ended a deer with it. It also has a fair size dent under the driver's side rear door where his ex-wife's son ran their car into it. 157,000 miles but I think it's a decent survivor and of course, a family heirloom. It had the chrome steps which had came loose, undecided if I'll put them back on I remember seeing a diecast one painted silver metallic but it was a bit chunky and that was sometime ago. Any info appreciated!

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