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Yes - I have all but the body of that one!

I hit a storage locker find several years ago, and one of the prizes was a Craftsman Jr. Falcon box. Don't recall the exact sitch, but I think the bits were in another box, but mostly untouched. Managed to get everything back in the right box-whew!

Searched in vain for the body. The original builder was a very, um, creative customizer and must have received a Zona saw for christmas, cos many of the otherwise undisturbed kits had Dexter like surgery to make them into roadsters or SWB customs. I have a Toledo Toy Show under table junk box find '63 red Falcon promo with no w/s, but the rest quite good.

Would love to knock out a dozen or so of the bodies, my MCR is almost too cherry to contemplate the build!

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