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Run what you brung - no rule against it. A unique bodystyle could get you a sponsor deal back then, and promoters would want you to show up, for sure

Sportsman cars were not married to the chassis, necessarily. Generally, a Ford would be on a Ford chassis, GM products on a tri-five Chevy or, much later when the builders sorted front steer, an A-Body. Bet a Riv could sit just fine on one or shortened GM B- body chassis. Riv WB was 117, so was the '61 Pontiac whch had Bunkie sweating bullets for a year. A-Body is 115... so... depends on how close they measure.

I am only guessing here, but when GM's Bill Mitchell was shopping the final Riviera concept model around, if he hadn't styled it over a fairly standard-size GM dimensional 'package' it wasn't going to get built. Now that I think of it... the '61-2 Pontiac/Olds perimeter chassis might be a good foundation. Just bring your stick welder and some pipe.

A Rivvi body from a salvage yard that had been in a fire or flood... just cut the body off, sling it over the chassis and cage, then send it. A good running Buick mill would have boat loads of torque, which is really what gets you off the corners.

Hey, if Ron Hornaday Sr. and Clem Proctor could shoot the Bullet T-Birds around Ontario and Riverside like they owed money to someone, no reason a Riv couldn't.

And it IS a model, so there's that.

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