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It is called a 'nick sander' - you can get them thru Micro Markup, maybe a better auto paint jobber, too

I'm not even going to mention the river in South America...

That said - it is a really nice little tool for all types of cleanup, not just removing chrome. It looks like a mechanical pencil, but has a twist ferrule that exposes/retracts a brush made of fiberglass strands.

The more filament that is exposed, the 'softer' the abrasion, and vice versa. With a little practice, it is a great tool to get in and around trim, cowl vents, C2 Vette louvers and doo-dads, complex curved areas were no sandpaper can get in cleanly. It also helps to clean panel lines, and ribbed trim like you would find on a Bonneville rocker panel.

A good idea to wear gloves, the tiny glass bristles shear as it is used - brush never gets dull - but they will embed in your skin. The one I got 25 years ago came with a package of replacement filaments, that I've reloaded a few times.

Highly recommended!

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