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Skills slowly returning - BMF actually working! And a Tamiya question...

Thanks to a great friend of mine (and the board) I had the chance to do some BMF work with the "new and improved" sheet.

Cuts and lays down just like the original, and bless the Monogram folks for helpfully exaggerating the moldings on the '70 Mustangs so even I could get it pretty close.

A few 'whoops' spots - but for the most part, pretty good. Gonna need to invest in a Hubble Space Magnifier!

Question on Tamiya - there's a long backstory, but shot a few exterior items in the semi gloss black instead of the matte, so I wet sanded and reshot with the matte - to no avail.

I would have thought the matte would flatten equally over the semi, but clearly, it didn't. Trying to match a hood panel, hood scoop, sport slats, etc, which are all slightly different gloss levels.

Think a clear flat (dullcote) would even them out? Not a job stopper, just trying to sort the go/no-go on continuing to mess with them.