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Impromptu poll: What do you guys think of this pro street Riviera (at bottom inside my post)? *PIC*

Although my project is the AMT '65, it's pretty much the same car. I'm having a hard time deciding the body color. As well as whether or not to graft a cowl scoop on.

I have the Nailhead from the Tony Nancy 22Jr roadster dragster kit, so the supercharger definitely pokes up through the hood. I've decided to use the scoop meant for the Plymouth motor. Plus, I just realized I need to build my own headers. Forgot about that until just now. 🤪🤣

Does the color on this Riv suit it well? Or do you think a different color would be better? I'm almost thinking of going with Testors One Shot Lacquer Mythical Maroon. Or maybe Graphite Dust, which looks similar to the car below.

So... Here's my questions for the poll. What do you think of:

•the color (like it or change it)
•the hood scoop (too tall, don't need it, just right)
•the stance (does it need to be lower, higher, raked more or less)

Lemme know what your opinion is. I can't do multi-color paint jobs yet, so that's not in the cards.

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