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There will be a significant turn over wave sooner rather than later

The investments to support EV will force their hands. A big store with planning volumes in the thousands can hit it in their stride - look at Henrick in Charlotte NC, for example, or anyone with a truck deal in the DFW metroplex.

The guy in the smaller town, with multiple points from different conglomerates under one roof... the "Nissan / Volkswagen / Jeep" type of store will have to make hard choices. Conforming to three different manufacturer agreements for EV training, sales and service is very unlikely to pay out. Manufacturers are getting tired of being played against each other for floor space and budget attention, so the checkbooks will be out to clean up the rosters..

I have yet to hear a go/no-go planning volume, so I'm not telling tales out of school. However, the 80/20 rule is in force - roughly 20% of the dealers do roughly 80% of the business. In other words, a factory could cut off 4 of 5 stores and the overhead that comes with servicing them, processing their claims and incentives, etc. and only lose 20% of the volume. More than one person has suggested it would be addition by subtraction; as the extra units distributed to stronger dealers would be a benefit and not a burden.

"May you live in interesting times", indeed.

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