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The harder you work to stamp something out, the more creative the rule benders can get

Talked to a prominent OE manager recently - a very good friend with many of the same battle scars from our formative years, who is facing all the same challenges:

"All we can do it talk, and appeal to them about playing the long game. If it's not spelled out in the franchise agreement, we can't do much about it."

Personal opinion - considering all the money on the table, marking up hot units in a time of crisis will do little more than buy the girlfriends some more baubles, or top off the alimony for the last gold digger(s)

I get it - it burns to see the unit you just sold at full price turn up on eBay with a 50K markup. That is putting a lot of paychecks in someone else's pocket. But price gouging is not a long term business model.

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