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Unless I miss my guess, that was a Motor City item from 'the day' - but could be easily replicated by a wily builder.

When the '65 Falcon AFXs started showing up in numbers on the shelves, it was a no-brainer to stab in the Sprint fastback upper to the '63 lower.

The '63 Falcon convertible promo in red was a common give-away car through Ford Times. The corresponding Craftsman Jr. kits were also out there for a bit, but I don't recall them ever being re-released. In any case, the convertible windshield frames rarely lasted more than a few days, thus, 'roadster' Falcons are fairly common and not expensive. Tab A, meet slot B!

I have one of his exceedingly rare repros of the convertible Craftsman '63... trying to muster the heart to paint it and build it - have all the bits from one of those Tango Uniform promos to boot!

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