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Agree - but I've been to meetings like that where those decisions get made

No sense digging up old bones, here, but the loudest voices in the room rarely have anything more than a spreadsheet in their background.

The marketing team wants instant name recognition, because, well, you just bet the farm on this program but somehow, you don't have the marketing budget to seed a new name.(Me, either.)

"Oh, look" sayeth the high-speed, low-drag, up-and-comer with the $200 haircut who couldn't check their own oil, "we can call it Mustang!" and so the snowball starts the long roll down the hill.

People who thoughtfully and vigorously seek to defend the exclusivity of the franchise... well, they get humored briefly, because they are hired to do that.

To a point.

Then the sleek planner lady with the 'artist-formerly-known-as Prince' tattoo on her ankle hovers into the coffee corner as if by magic, and says, "Um, hey, that was quite an address you gave to the meeting, but this decision's been made [by exalted name ] and we need to move on...sorry."

And that's how those things happen.

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