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Tell me about it... I just crossed into the USA for all of 10 minutes (Calais, ME) to buy some "illegal" PPG catalyst for some high build primer I bought 25 years ago and paid $190. for a quart. It was either that or throw away 1/2 gallon of perfectly good hi-build.

Wife and I were stay-cationing in the area. I first checked with Canadian Border Services, (CBS) told them my story of wasting 1/2 gallon of primer (25 years later, this stuff is now illegal in Canada) but all they were interested in was the taxes I'd have to pay on the way back in... "Make sure you have a receipt" and all will be fine.

I then checked with the supplier (an auto part store) and they told me they could get it in the next morning so I told them to go ahead and order it. Just to make sure I checked again with CBS on the re-entry process because of Covid and had to download the "ArriveCan" app on my phone. I've just had a smart phone for a few months so that was "fun". I eventually submitted all my re-entry info online. Anyway, all went well and I'm glad I won't be wasting paint.

Raymond Gallant

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