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Bob, dunno if this helps, just checked the AMT 69 GTX Convert & Revell 69 Charger, AMT's headrests are a little smaller than the Revell kits but essentially the same, the Revell ones are 2 piece with the stalks showing & mount the headrest higher off the seat top, whereas

the AMT kits are essentially molded into the seat backs which are a two piece affair giving the headrests the same 2 piece feature......I've checked a couple of Mopar books I have, Thomas Mcphersons, The Dodge Story and John Lees Standard Catalog of Chrysler 1924-1990...neither show very clear pics of the headrests.......maybe contact a Mopar restoration shop but going by the pics you posted I'd be happy to say they are the same.......dunno what the Revell kits headrests you have look like but if they are the 2 piece versions then I'd use them..........andyd

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