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Hey guys, I've dug out my '65 GTO project and revised my ambitious plans a bit. I have a question though...

I was planning to steal the more accurate interior parts from a junker Danbury Mint hardtop. The seats were molded in a soft material, possibly vinyl but ever since I painted them, the seats have remained sticky and just look terrible. What do you think I could strip them with? I must have sprayed something solvent based. I've decided to save these parts for another project, possibly restoring the DM car I bought in the first place. So my GTO is now getting an older interior that has the more accurate rear seat upholstery as well as better door panels. I am adding a few parts from a Revell '66 kit, especially the console and pedals, as well as a few other parts. The black paint is getting closer to how I want it to look and once the interior is done it will really start looking good. Thanks for reading and have a good evening!
Bob Kremer

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