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I really like this idea - but probably not in the cards - still, one of the new tool '68-up R2 B-bodies is the go to bash for chassis detail

I totally get - and support - the R2 philosophy of not making the kit something it isn't. If you are sitting on a stack of RRs aned GTX's (everyone has a few in the pile) then it's pretty much a no-brainer for a Coronet.

Economics of the hobby would suggest that a full on new tool kit is a big investment, and needs to be approached like the Moby B's and Novas,or the promising looking Revell Boss 351.

A revival that ain't fish nor fowl would make it more expensive, but not necessarily better.

Possibility is out there to handle the HT the way AMT/MPC did with the '70 Coronet R/T in the 90s - toss the more detailed chassis/engine in the box and send it.

Also raises the possibility of a Pro Street (even thought I'm a bit weary of the idea) version, the chassis was high water for the genre, and would be a Tab-A, Slot-B solutions.,

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