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Just finished this '65 Dodge Coronet tonight!

This is another build for my friend Doane Yawger and compared to the green frog '62 Dart build, this one fairly screams look at me!! lol. Paint is Tamiya's Light Metallic Blue with a Pearl White roof. The interior is two-tone with a custom mix of flocking for carpeting. I had most of a sheet of the bright chrome Bare Metal so I used that primarily on the body's brightwork with a small amount of chrome pen on the wheel arch trim. Even though it takes much more time, I definitely prefer using metal foil as I feel it gives me better control over what I'm doing and most importantly, where I'm applying it. I did have some construction issues trying to get the chassis to mate properly with the body and interior but overall, I'm pretty pleased with it.The exhaust manifolds stuck out a bit too far and were in the way of letting the engine slide through the inner fenders. Also, I couldn't get the radiator to fit with the fan so I had to do some trimming. I'll have to keep that in mind when I build my convertible version of this kit! Anyway, here are some pictures of the finished model. As always, comments are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of your evening.
Bob Kremer

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