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Hear ya - that's why a good annual builder is worth the chase

Esp one that is widely circulated like the Rivvi - I seriously doubt any of the engineers from AMT/MPC ever thought the tools would still be in production a half-century later.

Usually the first releases go together pretty well, and second releases tune up the mis-fits occasionally. But after that... you can only diamond polish so many times before losing the shape.

IMO, some of this is a function of the loss of skilled trades in the US, specifically in metro Detroit, which was mecca for people who made stuff by hand with metal.

It was more costly to keep your own guys on the job, but I feel that you can almost tell when they stopped caring about stuff like that in later releases of common popular subjects.

New tool revivals, tho, are pretty darn good (Nova stawag, Olds 442) so there are at least a few keeping the flame burning bright.

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