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One thought, if you happen to know any railroad engineers, they've all either been through something like that or know someone who has. Talking to someone who's been there could help. Also, oddly enough, playing Tetris after trauma has been shown to help reduce the PTSD.
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There are reasonably well-understood reasons why something like Tetris helps -- so if you have phone games like that, encouraging her to play those could be a good thing.

It's really hard, being in a position where someone you love is in pain like that and you can't make it better. Take care of yourself, too. (And that advice on Tetris helping reduce PTSD might be useful too; this is traumatic for you.)

I wish I had a better answer. The truth is that it sounds like you're already doing all the important things you can for her.

But yeah, the retired railroad engineer I know was talking about when it happens to a train crew, usually one of the other engineers who's been through similar things will go talk with them for a while, because talking to someone who's been there is one of the biggest helps. He also said that it never goes away; it just gets to a point where it doesn't bring up the same intensity of emotions to think about the memories.

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