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Canuck 3D

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wylde Parnelle on a few custom projects. Stand up, very talented guy! Over the course of time, we’ve become friends. In our many discussions, shipping over the border is an issue. One of my other friends was interested in a set of wheels, but $30 to ship killed that sale.

All this being said, I have agreed to distribute his product in the US. Save us some money by not having to ship over the border. Currently, we ship stuff back and forth. Bulk shipping works a little better than small parts shipping.

In the coming weeks, we plan on finalizing some details. I do plan on having a vendor table at the September Showdown in Boyertown, PA! See how this goes and proceed accordingly!

I know some of you are aware, as I announced this in my last column! So far your responses to me, have been most positive! I think once you work with Wylde’s parts, you will be very pleased. More details will follow!

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