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The sedan roof prior to '63 sure looks like the '55-56 stamping (!)

Chryco had gone all in on the '100 million dollar look" for '55-'56 and I doubt the burrs were worn off most of the dies before the even more famous Forward Look debuted in '57.

Bet it would have been hard to throw away a press line for the sedan large pillar tool to update to the more thrusting rocket ship style.

They were definitely not throwing away any proven components such as the new-for-57 front end.

YT has a great video (lengthy) on the unibody conversion by Chryco and all the background on the departure from conventional body on frame. Cool pics/video of the clear lexan 1/4 scale model getting twisted and turned under black light (?)

For all the fol de rol, about the conversion, it's probably safe to assume there wasn't a lot of extra reinforcement needed for the Unibody. The look was so radical, that was probably the last thing on any buyer's mind.

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