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Got some paint on the '65 Coronet today!

I'm building the AMT/Polar Lights '65 Dodge kit for a friend and I had the idea to do it in a metallic blue with a pearl white roof. I was originally thinking of light blue pearl for the body but I didn't have enough left in the can so I dug through my cans and found Tamiya's light metallic blue which is a gorgeous color. I've painted a couple other cars that same color. So once I got the body primed in white and the roof sprayed pearl white I masked it off and shot a few coats of the light blue metallic and it looks very nice. Here are a few pics right after I took off the roof mask. The interior has pearl white seats and door panels. The dash has also been sprayed in the same blue as the body and there will be blue carpeting. I am using the stock wheels and tires but with a thin white sidewall stripe drawn on with a gel pen.

Next is a '62 Dart HT I've been getting ready for paint. I have a couple Tamiya WWII Japanese colors that I plan to use on the car. Possibly also a two-tone but I'm more leaning toward a medium green called "Field Grey" for the body and Grey-Green for the interior, or possibly a grey or light tan. Thanks for looking!
Bob Kremer

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