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Box builds are a category unto themselves...IMO

When I was a wee lad, going to the LHS or the big chain (E.J. Korvettes) and seeing the stacks of beautifully illustrated kits, with all the building versions illustrated (to say nothing of the custom parts) would flat melt my mind.

I could name a dozen or so box art builds that I would want to replicate just for the emotional 'pop' - especially the Galaxie "Sportsman", '67 XL cover and custom, '67 Cyclone with injector stacks "Bogosian Brothers," whoever they were... even the green/black superstock from the end cap of the Tiger Box GTO.

To the point of the discussion, there is a very specific type of individual who wants the built to look just like the box. A few guys that I worked with at various ad agencies who were pretty tightly wound (but still creatives) would say, "Oh, I would make them just like the picture..." - whether it was aircraft, fantasy, cars/trucks, T they were rule followers who could tell if line spacing in a type galley was off a half-point or the sync from picture to voice was off by a frame. Their ability to produce perfection was their creative outlet, and the window for the idea was pretty narrow, but once they landed on it, it would be done to perfection.

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