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When in doubt, start with the real cars then look at the kits....

Some quick research shows the following:
1957 Chrysler 300: 126" wheelbase, 218" width, 78" width
1960 Plymouth Wagon: 122" wheelbase, 214" width, 78.6" width
1964 Dodge 330: 119" wheelbase, 208" width, 75" width

The 1957 Chrysler and 1960 Plymouth are the same generation car (57-61), and the 330 is not only a newer generation, but a different body style (62-79 B-Body).

The layout of spare tire wells and gas tanks on wagons is most likely going to differ from that of the 300 and 330 series coupe/sedans.

All that said, real life and scale life are two different worlds. You've got three different manufacturers/tooling and scaling methodologies with kits molded in two vastly different eras (the Plymouth in the early 60s, the others in the 90s), and the reality that just because they say they're all 1/25 scale doesn't mean they really are. The Mopar guys on the board can weigh in on it, and also comment on what they think is the better chassis, suspensions, etc. of the two.

It also comes down to, are you doing this for true accuracy, competition, or just a better looking shelf piece.

Either way, good luck and post your progress pics.

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