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MARTY's F/C Weekend happens to land with some of the F/C's I've been working on and fits just w/ my F/C car collection. PIX and thanks for looking

The Mercury started w/ the building of the oddball F/C I've been working.... Found it at the last KKIM meeting for $5 so I snatched it up quick but in my hast I didn't pay any attention to the quality of the cast (really thick). I finished the chassis the other night is when I notice the brick like cast. Started cleaning it and I'm thinking this is something that is going to take awhile and has to be done outside with a mask on. This is the point where I happen to be staring at the Chrysler 300 extra body I was going to put in my parts box.

The Chrysler is extra because I had bought a resin of a chopped top 300, anyway I grabbed it just to screw around with it. (I do that from time to time to see where it takes me.... well it took me to the dark side). With Marty's pictures this could happen so I'll give it my best shot and see where it takes me. I may not do anything with it but that black hole I have I'm sure will open up at some point.
I split the car in half then made the pie cut to narrow the front.

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