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Good Monday Morning! I am going to share my Biggest Pet Peeve. Kit Reviewers who paint their builds in the Box Art Colours!

Look, I get it. Some folks just are not that good at thinking much outside the box.. (heh). But, if you are going to to do Online Video kit reviews, you had really better be a cut above the average bear, IMHO.
Building and painting the kit, exact way it is shown on the box, does nobody any real good. For some kits of Race Cars, and other One-Off exclusive cars, there may not be an option, or any optional parts. But, the vast majority of kits come with options. So, when you build it. show us some. I want to see how the Custom Body parts fit. I want to see the fancy decals and Hopped Up engine. Not just a Stock kit. (at least not all the time)
I think part of the Problem is that many folks seem to confuse "Out-of-Box", or "Box Stock" with building the Stock Version of the car. But for many older American kits that have been hitting the market in the last few years, they have been 3'n'1 kits since they were tooled. There are some pretty wild parts in that box. Use them, You can build some pretty wild cars, just using what is in the box.
At least, for the Love-of-Mike, paint it a different colour!

Rant Off!

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