Spotlight Hobbies

Not sure if I'd call them "In Progress", but started in some cases probably before some of you were born. Anyway a couple of them that I have photos of. *PIC*

Ursus C45 from late 40's, a Polish license copy of the German Lanz Bulldog. MiniArt was supposed to be doing 3 versions of the Lanz, but with the situation don't know if we'll see them or not. Anyway got to the point were I painted the one and decided I wasn't happy with it, so started over. Then go involved with buying the house up here in the hills and working on it so it go shoved to the back. Actually been tinkering on it a bit the last few days.

Been on the occasional corner of the workbench, Thomas Flyer. Had to build the under cowl stuff since the kit doesn't have anything. Gas tank was completely wrong so build this one. Not happy with it so on my third version of it. Building operating hood out of card stock, having a fit getting the louvers right. Maybe should switch to brass. Had to do work on the engine. Not real happy with the kit wheels and tires, but haven't figured out a solution yet.

Tatra 87A, think I've maybe gave up on this one.

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