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Work in progress 55 Buick Conversion *PIX* and *LINK*

Not a lot of progress to report. The body conversion is coming along. Mostly done may have a few tweaks yet.

Here's a drawing of the Buick I'm trying to replicate. Note the image appears to be flipped as the filler door is on the driver's side on the real car.

And my model.

Still working on getting the look of the hood correct.

Started the dash conversion.

First up is the real thing.

Next is a pic of the 57 Chevy dash on top and the modified version on the bottom

Fortunately the top of the 57 Chevy dash matches pretty closely to the 55 Buick so I was able to use that to my advantage. I carved out the Chevy gauges and inserted a flat panel for the Buick ones. I'm using metal rings for the jewelry dept. for the trim ring of the gauges. I also used some round tubing to start the lower half of the Buick dash.

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