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That's cool. I remember when I first saw this thing. It was at a car show in Glen Burnie MD back in 78. It was brand new and they were asking about 3 times what a new car cost. It was $18k. To rich for my blood then. I saw it the following year on the showroom floor. ...

The price had fallen to $14k. Still too rich for my blood. In 80 I was looking for a car and this thing was now on the dealer's lot. The salesman asked me what I was looking for and I made a comment that what I wanted was that camper but it wasn't in my price range. He said wait a minute let me talk to the manager. Next thing I know I'm driving it home. Price was $9k. It only had about 800 miles on it. Drove it for a couple of years but when I moved to Colorado it was too expensive to insure and too thirsty so I traded it in on a new car.

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