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A suggestion about your PayPal $ gift from your kids.Send it back to them as a "refund" and then wait a week and have them resend it marked as "family member" on PayPal or just send you a check with the "For" line marked as "gift" and make a copy or scan it before depositing

it. That should clear it in the extremely rare instance of an audit unless you are in a very high dollar bracket. Use the same account they sent the original from for the refund and a different one - a married daughter with a different last name would be good - for them sending the "gift". It would not be fraud since it actually is correcting an error of classification by the original sender.

The IRS is so short of people that there are still some 2021 returns in the works according to a couple of news items lately. File as soon as you get all your income tax paperwork assembled to calculate it, especially if you are expecting a refund. Just my two cents.

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