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I've "lost" a few things over the years, but they are probably just in some box somewhere... at least that's usually what happens.

I did do a nice build of the Tim Richmond Monte Carlo many years ago. My friend one street down had his basement fixed up with some display cabinets, and a bunch of us would get together to build models, shoot the breeze and perhaps have a refreshment or two. He liked my build and offered cabinet space to display it (I didn't have any place to display my models at home at the time), so I agreed and brought it down there, where it looked great.

That was something like 30 years ago and I can't remember if I ever got it back from him and stuck it in a box somewhere, or if he still has it. He's moved since then, so if I forgot to get it back who knows where it might be now? I should get around to asking him about it... lol

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