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I don’t have any pictures of the actual wiring. . . .

However, I used 3mm warm white LEDs for the headlights and 3mm red LED’s for the tail lights along with a 3 Volt coin cell holder with on/off switch. Each light has a red and black wire. I drilled slightly smaller than 3mm holes where the headlights go in the grill/headlight part. You may have to use a small round file to get it just right so the light fits snug. I secured the lights with some white glue. Clip the little locator pins off the headlight lenses and glue the in front the front Make sure you haven’t pushed the LEDs in too far. Attach the grill/headlight assembly to the body. The same process is used for the tail lights. You will have to trim the body a bit to clear the LEDs I taped the wires to the inside of the body and joined them all together in the back (reds together and blacks together). You can see where the battery and switch go in my picture. Hope this helps.

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