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First completion of 2022 1958 Plymouth . . PICS

The January theme for our local model club is TV and Movie cars. I chose to build "Christine". This is built from an original issue kit. There is a Christine issue of this kit, but it is the same as the original except for the decals and it is molded in red instead of gray

I can't seem to build without making some modifications. A lot of pictures of Christine show the lights on, so I added working head lights and tail lights. I also added the correct California license plates.

Rear view. The P-L-Y-M-O-U-T-H is missing from the trunk

The engine is incorrect for Christine. There is a shot of the engine at the beginning of the movie when the car is going down the assembly line. It has 2X4's and a front mounted distributor. I found the correct air cleaner in the Johan 60 Desoto kit. I combined the kit intake with the Desoto kit for a reasonable looking 2X4 intake. The carbs came from the parts box. Also in the instructions it shows the upper radiator hose connected to the water pump. That is where the heater hose goes. The rad hose should connect to the intake.

I mounted the on/off switch for the lights behind the right rear wheel. The 3V coin battery is behind the left rear wheel. It can be accessed when the battery needs to be changed

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