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1956 Chevrolet "Tokyo Rose" PICS

I love tri-five Chevys and 60's drag racing. George Cureton's Tokyo Rose checked both boxes. I saw a model of that car that the late Bud Lefevre (not sure that is the correct spelling) made and I tracked him down to see where the decals came from. That's when I found out he had passed. I eventually tracked down the guy who made the decals, but he was never able to reproduce the decals for a variety of reasons. I waited a couple of years for this guy. After posting here looking for a source for the decals, Barry Payne pointed me in the right direction. I was able to complete the build using a Modelhaus resin body and a Revell 56 Chevy as the doner kit for the hood, bumpers, etc. I studied many photos of this car to make it as accurate as possible including the non-wagon rear bumper and Delaware license plate

The first version of the 1:1 car was painted with a mixture of paint that resulted in a rose colour which led to the name "Tokyo Rose". I was at the Tri-Five Nationals in 2018 and George Cureton (original builder of Tokyo Rose) and another gentleman who had built a 1:1 replica of the first Tokyo Rose. This is a picture of George taking a picture of my model on the hood of the 1:1 car. He noticed the model had a non-wagon rear bumper. The first car was destroyed in a towing accident.

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